A bare soul fails to find security, from the unique way of being different to the way your strong demeanor stills a room.

feeling wrong for being me when i should be able to just be free

Released from judgment or hate.

Visualized with respect regardless of the journey. Life with confidence is washed.

Vanished from the view of ones core to be given to the universe who drains every hope of survival.

It’s gone.

Standing tall with the pounds of regret as a necklace but facing the music as if the sound of defeat makes me dance

Will I survive.

Misunderstood yet surely forgotten and my thoughts become judgment of anger spread across my loved ones

I’m sorry

Resilient at its best Queen but the value of your sword isn’t as fond as the gold in your heart.

covered by the wounds and blinded by the disaster , the walls of control remain dominant in a fragile space.

Representing my strength and wearing it loud I failed my heart.

Allowing the softness of my touch and soothing of my soul to be damaged by the foul faces who’ve desired it .

I’ve lost..

accepting failure to yourself as you turn your own dagger in your back. Releasing your reflection to understand the demand to erase all that you’ve lost to regain all that you’ve won .

continue standing .

Releasing your emotions with pain. Covering your wounds with .. life. Understanding the journey or not being close enough to the right path.

Embracing reality .. or setting it free.

Accepting your hardships or delivering your message

Giving up or stay still …


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