Behind the Scenes

Never In a million years would I have ever pictured myself in the shoes I’m currently filling . Through the trials and tribulations I stand firm in wearing all capes and making all things possible. By Faith.

Two years ago today i was living Behind a live I had no idea how to manage. I was restless, confused and broken. I guess the best part of me is that I never give up. Regsrdless of the obstacle or issue I’m facing .

2017 really was a testimony of change and growth. Gladly I’m wearing it as loud as I can.

I finally had the opportunity to start forming my indoor studio. It’s not perfect but it’s mine and it’s somwhere I can express my wildest imaginations in hopes they turn into someones image of desire. I’m so thankful for the doors opening with my photography and I can only continue to remain positive it will only do better from here.

I don’t know what’s more relaxing, the space to breathe or the energy to work. Either way. I’m ready to hit the ground running. With multiple avenues and places I want to hit to the amount of love and passion I give from my lens.

I am fully in love with riding my own wave and learning the rythym.


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